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My name is Daniel Harka and the web excites me a lot. I'm a developer at Sportradar, mainly working with JavaScript (Ew! I know...) in Vienna, Austria.

Also, feel free to check out my GitLab, LinkedIn, cv, wife, the countries we've been to and the boardgames we have. Nice to have you here. Stay curious!


Fullstack Football Calendar

Football score checking page, made using vanilla JavaScript, Node.js and JSON.

Note App image

Live preview: football-calendar.harka.com
Source code: GitLab

Tech: html, css, js, node.js, json
Fullstack Note Taking App

Similar to Google Keep, made with Angular and Node.js.

Note App image

Live preview: note-app.harka.com
Source code: GitLab

Tech: js, ts, angular, node.js, express

More on GitLab.


People keep telling me I should blog.
Posts will show up here, as soon as I finally start.
Don't hold your breath in the meantime.


I'm known as MrDanielHarka pretty much everywhere.

Tech: GitLab, Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, Solo Learn
Social: LinkedIn, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit
Random: Duolingo, Geocaching, Khan Academy
€$£: Bank99, Raiffeisen, Revolut

My email address: daniel@harka.com

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